Chef Wars


Discover ingredients and cook delicious recipes


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Chef Wars is a really special RPG that challenges you to battle against your enemies but instead of using swords, magic and armor, you get to use your culinary knowledge. The best chef will defeat the evil Baron Von Pork.

At the beginning of your adventure you’ll only have a few ingredients available, so you'll only be able to cook a few recipes. That said, you can eventually get more than 200 different ingredients that you can use in more than 900 recipes. That's right ... you can cook almost 1,000 different meals!

Once you learn how to cook a dish, you can try to cook it in a culinary competition. The world is filled with towns and cities where the best chefs face each other in cooking duels and three judges decide the best dish. If your dish convinces the judges, you’ll earn prestige and you can improve your culinary skills.

Chef Wars is a really charming and unique RPG that has a colossal amount of material: there are more than 500 towns to visit, more than 900 dishes to cook and more than 20 unique chefs that have their own story and skills. In short, it's unique game that might remind you of the legendary chef duels of Suikoden II.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher